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I hold our enchilada recipe dear to my heart, because it is my mother’s recipe.  Growing up, homemade enchiladas were my mother’s “go-to” dinner that she would make for all our birthdays.  This sauce is a savory mild blend of California Chiles and fine corn meal.  It goes great on any meat, rice, beans and of course enchiladas. Heat it up and experience a mouthwatering flavor that will blow you away.


Perfect Pairings: Chicken Breast, Pork, Tofu, Eggs, Black Beans, Lime, Cheddar and Pepper Jack Cheese.



Enchilada Sauce

If you have a recipe using Salsa Garcia Chicano Chile Sauce we would love to hear about it and possibly feature it on the Salsa Garcia website! Contact us by email or posting it to any of our social media sites. 

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