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The Newest Addition to The Family

My Salsa Verde is an adaptation of my Original Salsa. The goal was to create something that was just as easy snack on as it was to cook with. Today I find myself constantly using this Salsa in the kitchen and as a dressing for my taco salads! The tang is what gives this salsa its' own personality. I highly recommend using it the next time you make guacamole.


A citrus tang of ripened tomatillos, with an aromatic touch of fresh garlic, green onions and Mexican spices. Fire roasted Jalapenos sport a subtle smokey taste and a mellow spiciness.


Perfect Pairings: 
Chicken, Pork, Eggs, Sauteed Veggies, Avocado, Spring Salad Mix, Cheddar Cheese, Rice. 

If you have a recipe using Salsa Garcia Salsa Verde we would love to hear about it and possibly feature it on the Salsa Garcia website! Contact us by email or posting it to any of our social media sites.

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