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Salsa Garcia’s Tamales has stolen many hearts and they are unlike any other. Take one bite into the soft, warm, fluffy handmade masa and you’ll see why.  Typical Salsa Garcia tamale is filled with bold zesty marinated pork or beef, wrapped up in a subtle sweet cornmeal outer layer, with flavors of the southwest, steamed through its core. Salsa Garcia’s Vegetarian and Vegan tamales are also a big hit. Homemade vegetable stock gives the masa a soft wholesome flavor, that blends perfectly with the fiery green Chile and Cheese filling.  For my Vegan friends we have pinto bean, black bean tamale that will rock your world.  Tamales are sold frozen by the half dozen and just like a Garcia family dinner, portions are substantial to say the least.

Vegetarian Tamales 1/2 Doz

  • Poblano chili, cheddar cheese, jack cheese, cream cheese, corn, homemade masa made with vegetable broth and palm shortening, hand wrapped in corn husk, steamed then frozen.

  • Available at Lane County Holiday Farmers Market at 8th & Oak, Eugene, 10 am-2 pm; Now thru 12/19/20. 

    See  the "contact us page" on this site to see Farmers Markets dates for  2021

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